Copper Silver Ionization

Copper Silver Ionization Solutions
Engineered for 
Legionella Growth Control & Prevention

copper silver ionizationWhy CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization?

  • Engineered for facility potable water Legionella control and prevention,
  • Proven track record in: healthcare, hotels, nursing homes, military facilities, schools, residential high-rise buildings and much more,
  • Provides a safer environment to facility occupants,
  • Affordable, discreet & easy to use,
  • DHW related energy savings,
  • No harsh chemical smell,
  • No damage to plumbing,
  • Very easy to install & maintain,
  • 100% compatible with new or existing buildings,
  • Guaranteed copper silver ionization performance,
  • EPA registered, CSA, UL, CE, NSF on all wetted components,
  • 24/7 toll free hotline support,
  • Proudly engineered and manufactured in Canada.

silver copper ionization solutions

Copper Silver Ionization

Facility potable water Legionella growth prevention & control solutions engineered for: