Copper Silver Ionization Controllers

Copper Silver Ionization ControllersCSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization Controllers

CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization Controllers are the most powerful and versatile units on the market. With 46 different models to chose from, each solutions are designed to set higher industry standards, best performance expectations and includes the only known 10 year performance and hardware warranty for CSI technology in the industry.

aqualyse copper silver ionisationChoice of Models:
ProCare's fully automated "PID" copper silver ionization controllers are divided into 3 key categories (1-Medical, 2-Military and 3-Commercial such as for hotels, schools, condos, etc...) and 9 application classes based on market requirements. In all, industry has 46 different ProCare models to chose from to fit any Legionella control and prevention needs.
aqualyse copper silver ionisationHigh Torque: (Up to 160 Amps)
ProCare fully automated "PID" controllers deliver amperage capacities of up to 10 amps each chamber cell and between 0.5 to 160 amps per CSI controller. Facility water velocity and overall daily water consumption rates will determine how much ionization "torque" is required.
aqualyse copper silver ionisationSpeed: (0 to 180VDC)
ProCare offers the most powerful and fully automated variable CSI DC drives in the industry. Capable of delivering up to an extraordinary 180 VDC output per ionization drive, they outperform any other competitor by 80% and provides the user with a real ability to perform in any water conditions. Multiple CSI independent DC drives are activated when additional copper silver ionization cells are required. As a result, when multiple CSI cells are connected to a common controller, each Ionization chamber cell has it's own dedicated power drive, backup system and can deliver up to 10 amps for each connected ionization cell without compromise.
aqualyse copper silver ionisationFully Automated Computer Control:
Modular programmable logic controller with industry leading ProCare "PID" software flexibility linked to modular expansion I/O ports and full bi-directional communication modules.
aqualyse copper silver ionisationIndustrial CSI Electrical Breakers
Independent CSI electrical breakers for each AquaLyse® or CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization chamber cell and Controller. Both lines of CSI controllers also automatically detects and deactivates breakers if ever in fault.
aqualyse copper silver ionisationHuman Machine Interface (HMI):
Built into the CSI controllers and accessible remotely, the AquaLyse and CSIDefender HMI includes multi user level password protected access. The CSI interface also includes a backlit screen with software navigation for ease of use to also include a PLC that is 100% software upgrade capable when available.
aqualyse copper silver ionisationREMS & Communications:
AquaLyse® and CSIDefender® both include a wide range of built-in communication protocols to meet your remote monitoring needs including REMS, BACNET and TCP/IP connectivity. With an integrated WiFi enabled network, the CSI controllers include secure Windows® base REMS software cloning technology for remote password protected PLC / HMI access and duplication. Both AquaLyse® and CSIDefender® REMS provides remote viewpoints for monitoring and controlling of the CSI copper silver ionization computer control technology. Both AquaLyse® and CSIDefender® also include standard operational status volt free (dry contact) interface connections.
aqualyse copper silver ionisationIndependent Copper Silver Ionization Chamber Cell Activation Controls:
both AquaLyse® and CSIDefender® controllers include fully automated (PID) independent activation CSI DC drives for each individual ionization chamber cell. Unique in the industry, the Multi-Cell or Multi-Zone CSI controllers, (Models E2, E3, E4,... up to E16) include independent amperage output, performance backup protocols and monitoring in relation to the number of total cells to deliver under any potable water conditions.

Healthcare facilities, hotels, nursing homes and even schools worldwide have been using ProCare Water Treatment Inc. manufactured CSI Controllers for 15+ years.

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