Copper Silver Ionization Remote Access

Copper Silver Ionization Remote Access

 “Providing Copper Silver Ionization Remote Access communications access, management & monitoring features for over 15 years. The newest (Smart) data features now includes the on-line and secure interactive

Copper Silver Ionization Remote AccessWith the use of secure point to point or TCP/IP protocol configuration, users can access and manage the ProCare “PID” automated controllers. They can do this remotely from any properly configured computer.

ProCare’s manufactures fully automated copper silver ionization remote access water treatment systems. The controllers come with a wide range of standard communications remote monitoring and management features. The user can benefit from remote access communications using a wide variety of types of communication protocols. the access can be from any personal computer and/or other computing devices that support TCP/IP, GSM and much more.

Copper Silver IonizationSecurity: The user requires a username, password and authorization protocols in order to access the ProCare Copper Silver Ionisation Remote Access controllers remotely.

AquaLyse® and CSIDefender® Copper Silver Ionization ion generators are fully compatible with all standard communications protocols. Protocols include: REMS, RS232/485 interface, CAN bus, Ethernet and Modbus. Optional wireless telecommunication features also include SMS text messaging, GSM-data and GPRS.

Data logging and reporting is implemented with the use of the ProCare Portal-Hub.